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I foffacebook


I left facebook, why you may ask because the bigggest social network does not include

all of my real friends, some of them who are members, I hope would not think that I inadvertently “blocked”

them after seeing that I am not available on the facebook grid, it’s facebook patois for banished from the club.

As I have stated before facebook relies on its members to create content, to share with virtual and/or

real “facebook friends” and thus exclude from your own facebook network non-member real friends.

it’s confusing, it’s on this confusion of who gets access to what content lies the facebook model,

in so it induces you to recruite your non-member friends to join to increase it’s grasp on your social

life and the content you provide. facebook is not part of the web in an exclusive manner. the lobster trap is not by idea of a web service therefore I quit.

note: september

september 28th.jpg

Ze Frank I How to throw a Tea Party

too much sun




Nabokov’s notes on Kafka’s Metamorphosis


what drives you to buy a car


Nathalie Shell

Nerdy declaration


denouncing injustice in Iran

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protest in Paris for a free Iran on the 23rd of September 2009.

Ninja Cat

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A lesson in strategy, taught by a Cat

There’s an old saying that if you’re pointed in the right direction, all you have to do is keep walking.

Or as Calvin Coolidge put it, it’s all about persistence:


Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.

Just keep on going: a great philosophy for any entrepreneur, exec, manager, designer, even entire organizations.

There’s just one hitch, though… did you catch it?

Absolutely all of it – 100% of this approach – depends on having the right direction. Without that one little element, the entire effort is for naught.

I’m reminded of Alice, who asked the Cheshire Cat, “which way [should I] go from here?”

“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.
“I don’t much care where,” said Alice.
“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” said the Cat.

It’s not a small matter, to find the right direction. I should know (and should admit) – my entire consulting career has been focused on setting people out on a more customer-centered, user-centered, or patient-centered direction. It’s not easy.

Why is finding direction (or “strategy,” as I generally call it) so rare, so difficult? One reason is that creating the strategy is different from execution.

Put another way: you have to stop and take time to find the direction. You can’t run while you’re reading the map.

And this is the potential problem with popular methods…

• iterative design
• rapid prototyping
• agile development
• [add your own favorite buzzword here]

…which are great and all, except when there’s no well-thought-out direction to go in.

So be forewarned – it’s hard to be a strategist. People prefer action. “Ready-fire-aim” sounds so much more exciting and appealing. “Do something!” they say – and it can be hard to sit down and say hey, let’s take at least a couple of days to think about who our customers are and talk to them about what they need.

(You do talk to your customers, right? Because that’s a necessary step in finding your direction.)

Without direction, we’re presenting our flipcharts and our powerpoints to the Cheshire Cat. And he just griiiiiiins.

– – –

from Good Experience

PS22 – Pictures of You

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The Cure‘s Pictures of You cover by the school PS22 chorus

John Lloyd inventories the invisible

cat that looks like hitler


there’s actually a website devoted to kitlers as they call it : cat that looks like hitler



First Aid Kit – Our Own Pretty Ways

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You gotta like this band bad sweaters, sweet faces and melodies and trees.
First Aid Kit

Arnaud Fleurent-Didier – France Culture

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Arnaud Fleurent-Didier

Boy in Static – Young San Francisco

Boy in Static

The Hickey Underworld – Blond Fire

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Interesting clip by Belgian Rock band The Heycky Underwoirld ,

not sure about their music however.

Synesthesia: A film by Jonathan Fowler

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Although sometimes spoken of as a “neurological condition,” synesthesia is not listed in either the DSM-IV or the ICD classifications, since it most often does not interfere with normal daily functioning. It has, however, appeared for many years in both Dorland’s and Steadman’s medical dictionaries. Indeed most synesthetes report that their experiences are neutral, or even pleasant.[19] Rather, like color blindness or perfect pitch, synesthesia is a difference in perceptual experience and the term “neurological” simply reflects the brain basis of this perceptual difference. To date, no research has demonstrated a consistent association between synesthetic experience and other neurological or psychiatric conditions, although this is an active area of research (see below for associated cognitive traits). It was once assumed that synesthetic experiences were entirely different from synesthete to synesthete, but recent research has shown that there are underlying similarities that can be observed when large numbers of synesthetes are examined together. For example, sound-color synesthetes, as a group, tend to see lighter colors for higher sounds[20] and grapheme-color synesthetes, as a group, share significant preferences for the color of each letter (e.g., A tends to be red; O tends to be white or black; S tends to be yellow etc.,[19][21][22]). Nonetheless, there are a great number of types of synesthesia, and within each type, individuals can report differing triggers for their sensations, and differing intensities of experiences. This variety means that defining synesthesia in an individual is difficult, and indeed, the majority of synesthetes are completely unaware that their experiences have a name.[19] However, despite the differences between individuals, there are a few common elements that define a true synesthetic experience. Neurologist Richard Cytowic identifies the following diagnostic criteria of synesthesia:[1][2][3] Synesthesia is involuntary and automatic. Synesthetic perceptions are spatially extended, meaning they often have a sense of “location.” For example, synesthetes speak of “looking at” or “going to” a particular place to attend to the experience. Synesthetic percepts are consistent and generic (i.e., simple rather than pictorial). Synesthesia is highly memorable. Synesthesia is laden with affect. Cytowic’s early cases included individuals whose synesthesia was frankly projected outside the body (e.g., on a “screen” in front of one’s face). Later research showed that such stark externalization occurs in a minority of synesthetes. Refining this concept, Cytowic and Eagleman[3] differentiate between “localizers” and “non-localizers” to distinguish those synesthetes whose perceptions have a definite sense of spatial quality.

(from Wikipedia)

Rockband The Beatles opening cinematic

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The Cinematic Intro to The Beatles Rockband is now online for your viewing pleasure.

According to , director Pete Candeland of Passion Pictures  has created cinematics like this for every chapter completed in the game.

Appropriately, the animation is inspired by the Apple rooftop concert on January 30th, 1969, which was The Beatles’ last live public performance.

Seuus tackles troubles


Happy First day of Fall





The Rubettes – Sugar Baby Love

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sufi “Thikr” wild party

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Self Destruction

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product of theStop the Violence! movement
founded by KRS-One. Stroll down memory lane.

George Takei responds to Hardaway’s homophobic comments.

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George Takei who played Hiksru Sulu in the original Star Trek television series, He is also a prominent gay-rights activist.


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scene from Shrink

Cinnamon Chasers – Luv Deluxe

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Cinnamon Chasers

I really like this video.



this is for you


life actually

abstractcity life.jpg

Abstract City blog

Hyde & Jekyll


Notes on District 9


Just stunning what a little grit and grime will do for the plausibility of sci-fi. There are moments when District 9 is so filthy and grainy and gorgeously cinéma vérité that the aliens and foreign weaponry and spaceships pop out exactly like the breaking news they’re purported to be. And the seemingly improvisational brio with which the movie hurtles forward allows it to marry elements as disparate as a great escape, Cronenbergian transhumanism, queasy social satire, 1970s paranoid thrills and hyperreal splatterpunk,Kafksesque metamorphosis without losing momentum. And if that’s not bracing enough for your tastes, consider what kind of balls/brains it takes to make Wirkus, a bumbling and nepotism-worthy bureaucrat, the central figure of your R-rated dystopian action flick. Shockingly, as with the artfully restrained visual effects, the story’s seams are nearly invisible: instead of layering a buddy comedy on top of everything, Wirkus’ alliance of necessity with a so-called “prawn” stays uneasy and strained throughout, always honest about its motivations. The inspired details—an alien addiction to cat food, for example—manage to fill in more than one kind of gap. The explosive South African talent on parade reacts reprehensibly, diabolically, but never unbelievably. Most of all, director Neill Blomkamp’s unwillingness to directly articulate the politics that silently hang over District 9 like that immovable mothership, whether regarding racial tension or urban poverty or corporate evil, is a sad and stirring reminder that we rarely confront such issues in our own world. Here, as there, we simply live them.

District 9

pre-twitter satanism


Arcade Fire – Wake Up

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Arcade Fire

Comfort Fit – Fuh Real

I won’t even try




All of a sudden it all makes sense

scroll down




Roy Orbison & k. d. lang – Crying

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two of my favourite voices singing in duet.
k. d. lang

Jerry Lewis – The Ladies Man


3 sildes from Jerry LewisThe Ladies Man.

coisas do arco da velha

The Wire season 5, DAA meeting

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The Wire

some of the most potent words put in an addict mouth carried
by authentic acting, we have come a long way since the
Man With a Golden Arm



Calexico poster by Hugh D’Andrade


Calexico poster by Hugh D’Andrade

walk on

tumblr_kpqulr6owd1qz6f9yo1_r1_500 01-45-18.gif

Egon Schiele


Tokyo Hana-han


what we do is secret

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