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viral infection explained

Simon Armitage – Killing Time #2 (updated)

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extracted from BBC Four Upgrade Me
Simon Armitage

This American life -fake cameras

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This American Life
I love this piece!

lights on


you don’t understand…


thanks Luna

J G Ballard on Sexuality

“Normally, traditional sexual activity involves a sort of warm bath where physical activity and a world of mental affections blur into each other, and give rise of course to a huge number of problems. (…) He sees pornography, which is emotionally neutral — pornography is sex with the emotions deleted — pornography is a useful technique for exploring what exactly is going on when two people copulate, when a penis enters a vagina, when a hand embraces a breast, when fingers explore clefts (which are obviously geometric structures which powerfully cue innate responses laid down in the central nervous system a hundred thousand years ago). Pornography is a way of dismantling all the excrescences that have grown around this sexual activity at its most basic, and finding the actual sort of operating elements.” -J.G. Ballard, interviewed by Jonathan Weiss in 2006, commentary track on The Atrocity Exhibition via Ballardian

virtual autopsy table

The installation is based on research results from CMIV, VITA at Linköping University, Sweden and Swedish National Board of Forensic Medicine.

company hierarchy


what a heart attack feels like.

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What’s going on here?

We’re finding interesting films (and soon) music and books and distributing them, for-free, through P2P networks. And we’re encouraging people to donate to creators who share their films this way.
So how do I download stuff?
Whenever we’ve got a new work to distribute, we’ll publish it on the front page. But the idea is that you can grab new VODO films from your favourite tracker or P2P service. Think of it like a release group, but one that works with artists directly.
So I can share VODO films freely?
Yep. Share them however you like, and try to get the people you’re sharing with to help the artists by donating to them through their VODO page. If you want to show the film commercially, just get in touch with the artist or us, and we’ll arrange it.
How do I submit a work to VODO?
At the moment, you have to be invited, because we just don’t have the infrastructure to handle open submissions. But we’re working on it.

[From VODO: FAQ ]

Unkle & Tom York – Rabbit in your headlight


Vivian Meier – Her discovered work


Vivian Meier

was a street photographer from the 1950s-70s in Chicago whose extensive body of work (40,000 negatives) was recently discovered at an auction. This blog is presenting that work to the public for (I think) the first time.
It captures everything I love about life and photography.

OLED explained using a pickle

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Anton Chekhov on crisis


singing in the rain Redux


How to care for Introverts


Gunmen from Nasa to the Moon.


Two NASA spacecraft are barreling toward the moon at twice the speed of a bullet, about to crash into a lunar crater in a search for ice.If all goes well, the impact will be beamed back live to Earth.

Associated Press

The Ad-O-Matic

Apple quits the U.S. Chamber of Commerce over its ‘frustrating’ global warming denialism.

Several months later, Apple earned a silver in environmental evaluation (that rating has since turned to gold) from an EPEAT survey (EPEAT is a government operation created to approve computers before they can be purchased by other governmental institutions). Today, they tout “the world’s greenest line of notebooks.”

This week came the news that Apple has quit the US Chamber of Commerce over what they called the organization’s “frustrating” position on global climate change. Specifically, the chamber has opposed a proposal by the Environmental Protection Agency to use the Clean Air Act to set limits on greenhouse gases; a proposal that would most likely take effect only if Congress failed to pass climate legislation.

[From Think Progress » Apple quits the U.S. Chamber of Commerce over its ‘frustrating’ global warming denialism. ]

Apple Logic Pro awesomeness

Logic Pro.jpg

Just installed the beast: Apple: Logic Pro

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