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GoodNight Mrs Louise Bourgeois

Louise Bourgeois died at the age of 98, today.

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trailer for Louise Bourgeois:The Spider, The Mistress and The Tangerine.


Television is a drug.

Beth Fulton

Rien de special

Julien Berthier

universal lies T

universal lies.jpg
I would probably like to wear this, I would buy it but not in that font.

unsupported love

Once again Steve Jobs has succeeded in focusing the web community’s attention on the support ofAdobe Flash technology over html5 for the Iphone andiPad (ie. iPhone OS platform). In respond to a definite rejection and dismissal of their product Adobe published this campaign:

Later in the day, the following a parody circulated on the web:

web 3.0 by Kate Ray

Kate Ray is a Psychology major at NYU.

Edwouar Bau – Sentiers Kurdes

stuck in a groove/phonovideo

Phonovideo is a VJ tool or visual instrument used to display animations in an analog way without the help of a computer.

radio 200000 – DiscoScheiss

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director’s cut version of the clip for DiscoScheiss

Radio 200000

Romain Gravas – Megalopolis

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Romain Gravas also directed the awesome Born Free.

Aloe Blacc – I need a dollard

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Aloe Blacc

Gus VAN Sant – Mansion On the Hill

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Mansion On the Hill directed by Gus Van Sant is part of the
No Time Left project

Machotaildrop trailer

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live streaming audio in html5

You can try html 5 live streaming sans flash here.the predictions of Flash’s demise are probably a bit premature,this html5 player appears to work well on Chrome and Safari (on Mac). Mozilla, which doesn’t want to pay the Fr Fraunhoffer – or anyone else – to license proprietary media formats has left Firefox with no native mp3 support so Firefox users will instead get the OGG stream. IE, it will come as no surprise, seems to be a lost cause.
While it might take awhile for standards to evolve and work well across all browsers and platforms. Let’s see if Steve jobs will bend the whole industry to his will to impose Apple’s strategy on rich media delivery, and therefore controlling content and interactive ad delivery.


Pieces of Me, Pieces of You

Raggedy Ann & Andy refugees are characters in a new Zune ad called “Hurtin’ for Rhythm? Go Be Dead” Girl bites boy, boy becomes zombie, and together they turn the world into a community of undead extras with jazz hands. Microsoft is hoping the Zune virus would spread like so.

floating oil thingy to stop floating oil

Simplex-oil-booms.jpg Simplex has cylindrical foam flotation for use in protected waters such as harbors, marinas and lakes. They are light weight and easy to move for boat traffic.

Top quality closed-cell polyethylene foam flotation blocks and vinyl-coated skirting, which are both non-absorbent barriers, will effectively block oil, trash and debris. If properly maintained our durable oil booms will give you many years of service. The skirting barrier hangs below the water line 12 inches to keep pollutants from creeping under the spill containment boom.
For those who like floating oil and want floating thing to contain them, here are PVC (made out of oil) utensils to contain your floating oil.

the history of Photoshop icon

This is the original Photoshop icon as an 1hour photo shop booth designed by John Knoll for his brother Thomas Knoll who began writing graphic routines on a Mc Plus, this was in 1987.
the original icon has been redesigned an rereleased to accomodate our modern desktop asPhotoshop icon Redux. You can download it here.
Adobe has recently released Creative Suite 5 which contains the 12th version of Photoshop. And perhaps released it with its ugliest icon to date.

Bill Murray reads poetry to construction workers

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Members of the construction team which built Poets House’s new home join actor Bill Murray for the first poetry reading at 10 River Terrace, New York.

Knowledge Navigator

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the knowledge Nagicator is a concept introduced by Apple in 1987 under CEO John Sculley, it’s a digital butler/concierge interface interconnected with hyperlinks, voice communication and the internet. With the advent of theiPhone (OS4.0, at the time of this entry), now that Apple has recently acquired Siri (April 28,2010)the concept is almost reality and will be more polished and far superior than the shown concept envisioned by John Sculley is about to happen by the very person he came to replace as CEO of Apple in 1983.John P. Jobs. has not only the most formidable comeback in modern economy but whas pushedApple has not only facilitated access to computing to people with impairment. Doing this is also simultaneously raising the bar in accessibility for everyone able and disabled alike.
freeing the access to the internet and computers of keyboards with the mouse, from the mouse with touch and multitouch-technology and from touch with advanced voice command.

Get Out of There!

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Alexandre Jollien -corporation and disability

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Alexandre Jollien swiss philosopher and writer who has athetosis. He explains the role of disabled people in society, and corporations. He describes how the role to be played by people with disability is to help reveal each and everyone’s singularity and not difference within an organization that can thus maximize its
strength in order to assist those who are in need and simultaneously increase the cohesion of the group within a corporation and find an identity.

iPad case


a new stylish iPad case from Hardgraft in their iconic felt and leather material.

Not my type




__is not my type shirts and sweatshirts by not my type

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